Jeunesse Global continues unveiling cutting-edge health and beauty products

When Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009, it was little more than a hobby business being run out of the sprawling Florida mansion of a retired couple. But the company began to grow quickly. By the end of its first year of operations, Jeunesse already had dozens of distributors and had sold close to $1 million worth of products. The growth was not about to slow down.

A New Age of Window Shopping!

Slyce is changing the way we window shop using an advanced image recognition technology linking their visual search application to the exact image online in real-time. Shoppers can now take a photograph of an item using their mobile device or desktop browsers finding the image online within seconds. No more searching through hundreds of lists, simply snap an image and the application takes you directly to the online shop site for purchase.

The Interesting Individual Known As Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen was born in Encino, California, from Lebanese immigrants. 1964. He's known for his extensive insights on the human mind and healthy habits to follow. He's an advocate of a diet rich in nutrients which helps in the relief of many mental ailments.

How Vijay Eswaran is Inspiring the World

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who is one of the co-founders and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Organizations, which is located in Hong Kong. Dr. Eswaran completed his advanced education in the top colleges in UK and the USA and has a great reputation of working for top rung organizations including IBM, in extremely responsible positions in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada, before coming back to Asia in the early 90s, when he chose to become a business entrepreneur.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: A Distinguished Career

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich has worked as a plastic surgeon for many years and his is known for his outstanding work in areas related to facial reconstruction and aging. His expertise in the field was acknowledged by The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas when he was made the chairman of the School of Plastic Surgery. He served in that position for roughly 20 years.

Mark Ahn Discusses Picking Biotech Winners

Mark Ahn Explains Why Some Biotech Startups Succeed, While Others Wither via PR Newswire

Mark Ahn has been a business investor on the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors for twenty years. His expertise has helped raise billions of dollars in investment capital and his work as an executive has shepherded revolutionary drugs to market.

North American Spine Company For Invasive Spinal Care

For people in the Dallas area, the company North American Spine Company specializes in minimally invasive spinal care. They are the exclusive provider of the very successful procedure called AccuraScope.

North American Spine is One of the Biggest Purveyors of Spinal Science in America

North American Spine is a company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company also has offices in San Antonio and Houston, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Hackensack, New Jersey and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of the North American Spine center is based on the philosophy of tailoring treatment to the needs and condition of the patient, not just a standard approach to all spine injuries and back pain. Their further goal is to treat all problems within one visit rather than multiple visits to many facilities.

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