A New Age of Window Shopping!

Slyce is changing the way we window shop using an advanced image recognition technology linking their visual search application to the exact image online in real-time. Shoppers can now take a photograph of an item using their mobile device or desktop browsers finding the image online within seconds. No more searching through hundreds of lists, simply snap an image and the application takes you directly to the online shop site for purchase. Retail merchants are already using this new technology service with anticipation of increasing their market share for more than 1000 sought-after brands.

Staying ahead of the competition is why retailers are always changing and updating their marketing strategies. The development of image recognition technology just made online shopping easier for the consumer and more suitable for online retailers. This mobile application now allows the consumer to browse through magazines or campaign mailers, take a picture and go directly to the item for purchase. It’s a more convenient method of shopping online for the consumer and retailers are getting faster sales.

This new technology is making online marketing more effective and simplifying how customers buy products. At the same time, image recognition technology is offering multiple benefits to online retailers with its ability to generate virtual online buying reports and information about product sales faster than the earlier versions for mobile applications. Consumer data about current trends for future preferences are valuable tools to the industry allowing for the expansion of target marketing, branding campaigns and scheduling advertisements for product promotions. Retailers now have access instantly to consumer purchasing history, helping to develop loyalty programs and providing vital information about market demands and consumer spending.

New technology developments like image recognition set new trends, and influence consumer buying habits. Life is easier and more convenient with the invention of mobile devices and consumers have a natural interest and tendency to follow the markets using current technology. It’s no secret, consumers are looking for the next generation of e-commerce, and image recognition shopping allows them to become more interactive with their choice of purchase multiplying their ability to buy anything, anywhere, anytime just by using an image on their mobile device.

Retailers are embracing this new technology and positioning themselves to take advantage of this evolving e-commerce application invented to impact online sales. It's a natural progressive of technology with a ready-made market of consumers already using mobile applications. The development of image recognition gives the retailer the ability to direct consumers straight to the buying cart, increasing the level of customer service to their brand name recognition. Based on recent trends of online shopping, image recognition is expected to close the gap between online and in store purchases.